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A Hindu God Singhasan used in Hindu rituals.  Brass Metal Lord Pooja Singhasan which is Idol to place at worship. Its Design and symbols are idol to place god in it.These Cool, Hand Crafted BRASS SINGHASAN Make Excellent Gifts for Both Men and Women; Great for Weddings, Anniversary Gifts for Mom and Dad or Husband/Wife, or Simply as a Fun Novelty Addition to Your Current Pooja and God Article Collection.Pure BrassMade God Singhasan from balakati Odisha.


Create a regal and divine ambiance for your beloved deities with our Pure Brass Metal Singhasan. This exquisitely crafted singhasan, or throne, is designed to showcase your gods and goddesses in a majestic and commanding manner.


Handcrafted with precision using pure brass metal, this singhasan exemplifies the timeless elegance and opulence of this revered material. The golden hue of brass adds a touch of sanctity and grandeur to your home temple or sacred space, elevating the presence of your chosen deities.


The Pure Brass Metal Singhasan features intricate detailing and ornate carvings that exude an air of royalty and reverence. The exquisite craftsmanship brings out the fine nuances of each design element, making it a captivating centerpiece for your spiritual practices.


With its sturdy construction and stable base, this singhasan provides a secure and dignified seat for your gods and goddesses. Whether it’s Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, or any other deity, they will be honored and adorned on this splendid singhasan.


Embrace the divine energy and create a divine focal point in your sacred space with our Pure Brass Metal Singhasan. Let it serve as a symbol of devotion and a reminder of the greatness and grace of the divine beings in your life. Nurture your spiritual connection as you offer prayers and seek blessings from your cherished gods and goddesses seated upon this magnificent singhasan.


The very attractive designed brass metal singhasana for god and goddesses is an innovative piece of handicraft. This is designed and handcrafted in Odisha.  Brass Singhasana is best suitable for puja and brata.


Product Details

Title Pure Brass Metal Singhasan For God And Goddess
Colour Golden
Type God Singhasan
SKU Number OSPJN-BS-196
Weight NA
Material Brass
Design Type Hindu God Singhasan
Product Dimension NA
Availability In Stock
Ideal For Pooja
What is in the box Pack of 1 Singhasan


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