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Order Now Pure Brass Bucket Balti for Home Temple Or for Pooja


Elevate your prayer rituals with our Pure Brass Bucket Balti, a graceful and functional accessory for your home temple or pooja room. Crafted with utmost precision and care, this balti (bucket) is made of high-quality brass, showcasing the timeless beauty and durability of this revered metal.


The Pure Brass Bucket Balti serves as a versatile vessel for offering water or other sacred substances during your pooja ceremonies. Its spacious design and sturdy construction make it a practical choice for various rituals, allowing you to perform your devotions with ease and grace.


The radiant golden hue of brass adds a touch of sanctity and elegance to your sacred space, creating an ambiance of reverence and spirituality. Its smooth surface is easy to clean, ensuring hygiene and maintaining its pristine appearance.


Beyond its practical use, the Pure Brass Bucket Balti doubles as a decorative piece, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home temple or pooja room. Its simple yet elegant design exudes a sense of traditional charm and cultural heritage.


Embrace the divine presence of this Pure Brass Bucket Balti as you engage in your spiritual practices. Let its craftsmanship and symbolism become an integral part of your devotional journey, infusing your prayers with purity and grace. Experience the serenity and blessings that flow from incorporating this exquisite piece into your pooja rituals.


Bucket Details

Title Pure Brass Bucket Balti For Home Temple Or For Pooja
Colour Golden
Type Pooja Bucket
SKU Number NA
Weight 890
Material Brass
Design Type Brass Puja BucketĀ  Balti
Product Dimension Size – 21 * 23 * 16.6cm
Availability In Stock
What is in the box Pack of one brass Pojja Bucket


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