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The Brass diya is associated closely with the Hindu religion and form of worship. People follow some traditions in the Hindu religion, especially igniting the lamp is one. The wick in the lamp depicts ego. The oil / ghee used depicts human negativity.  When we are light by self-knowledge just like our negative energy, which are compared to oil and wick compared to our ego. As the oil melt and wick perishes away, our ego and negative feelings fade away with them. Then we realize we are all part of the universe, and bhraman is one. The light signifies knowledge. Light removes darkness from our lives.

* Puja items for home, puja mandir – perfect for your home and office altar.
* This is a traditional diya oil lamp made of brass metal. It looks very pretty and culturally ethnic.
* Perfect for worship place as well as special occasions / festivities.
* It has a wonderful finishing and polish. Such matchless items are used mainly for auspicious purpose such as pooja to almighty.



Product Details

Title Brass Diya Seven 7 Face Aarti Pooja Stand
Colour Golden
Type Religious Diya
Ideal for Puja in home and Temple
Weight 210gm
Material Brass
Design Type Traditional Brass Diya Stand
Product Dimension 19.2 * 12.5 * 7cm
What is in the box Pack of one brass Diya

Additional information

Weight 450 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm


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Brass 7 Diya Stand For Arati
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