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Worship in Hinduism brings the grace of God. There is always a rule of burning jhuna dhupa/incense during worship which makes the atmosphere clean and tidy. It also keeps the mind happy. Giving jhuna destroys the ill effects of home. There are many types of fragrances available in the market. But the environment of the house and temple is kept clean by giving jhuna in coconut fabric.

Benefits of Jhuna Dhupa/ Damar Batu Dhupa.
In the past, a forest plant called Agur was used during worship. Burning it keeps the atmosphere in the house clean and the bacteria destroyed. Agur acts as an anti-bacterial.
Jhuna also has anti-bacterial properties. No insects live in the house. So the mosquitoes do not stay at home by giving jhuna. Even the finest creatures in the house are destroyed.
Jhuna incense is used during worship. Due to its anti-bacterial properties, many physical ailments are also eliminated.
According to Ayurveda, the smell of jhuna eliminates cough problems. Its scent keeps the atmosphere fragrant.

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