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Two thousand six hundred years ago, the emergence of the Tathagata, the asceticism, the enlightenment, and the introduction of the new religious cycle were among the most important and significant milestones in the history of India. At that time, the three most powerful Aryan states were considered to be the strongest states.They are Magadha, Abanti and Batsya or Koshambi.King Pradyot ruled the Magadha state in the east, King Chandmahasen in the Avanti state in the west, and the young king Udayan in Batsyadesh or Koshambi in the central part.One of the most powerful states in Kosala was Prasanjit; And the responsibility of governing the state, such as Shravasti and Vaishali, was in the hands of the People’s Council Udayan, the young king of Kosambi, was a great harpist and music lover, just as he was a mighty hero.He had the ability to settle wild elephants. Before the rise of Udayan Rajya Sabha, the king of Avanti, Chandamahasen, repeatedly attacked Koshambi and inflicted heavy losses on the state.


But as the influence of Koshambi’s Narayan Udayan increased and he was defeated in the war with him, Chandmahasen sought to establish friendship with Koshambi instead of enmity. So even though he wanted to marry his extraordinary beautiful daughter Basavadatta to Udayan, he did not arrogantly propose.Rather, knowing that Udayan was interested in subduing the wild elephant, he tactically took him to the forest of Kosambi and abducted him from there and took him to Avanti. The prisoner ordered Udayan to teach music to his daughter Basabdatta.Udayan and Basadatta were attracted to each other and wanted to get married. But according to the plan of Udayan’s prudent minister Yaugandharayan to teach Raja Chand Mahasen a proper lesson, Udayan took the princess Basavadatta on the surface of Bhadrabati Hastini and secretly left the Avanti palace in the dark of night and reached Koshambi in the forest. The marriage ceremony of the two was completed in a grand ceremony. As a result, the friendship between Abanti and Koshambi was established.


The story of King Udayan and Basavadatta was first told in Somdatta’s ‘The Sea of Stories’. Poems and plays, etc., have been written in various languages based on this story. According to royal tradition, the king did not have many wives. The king was attracted to any class of girl in the society by marrying her and marrying her as his wife.The king would not hesitate to exert force if there was any slight resistance in the case of the virginity. The main character of the novel was Shyavati, the third wife of King Udayan. She was the adopted daughter of one of the best proclaimed.Shyamavati is a female character commonly mentioned in some of the writings of the Buddha. But according to the information, her life was unusual and his personality was extraordinary.


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Book Title Rani Shyamabati(ରାଣୀ ଶ୍ୟାମବତୀ)
No of Pages 414
Binding Type Paperback
Author Archana Nayak
Editor NA
Publisher Manorama Publishers
Language Odia
Publication 2019
Edition 3rd Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x1
Printing Sangeeta Printers, Cuttack
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