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The greatest work of Dr Pratibha Ray is definitely her novel Magnamati (The Regenerative Earth, 2004). Based on the 1999 killer cyclone of Odisha which devastated the entire coastal belt of Odisha from Balasore to Gopalpur, the plot is focused on the worst hit area Ersama in the district of Jagatsinghpur. A superficial reader may confuse Magnamati with a disaster novel but it is not so, nor is it intended to be. This novel is about mother Earth and her relationship with her children, the human race, which she holds in display as she does her trees, rivers, mountains and seas. Man is sustained by this mother, nourished into his destiny. She tolerates all his naughtiness and even violence. But when man transgresses the epitomic tolerance of the mother earth; she chastises him with her demonic fury.


The cyclone in this novel is symbolic of nature’s fury which she lavishes on man and his civilization with as much diabolism as she lavishes her love, kindness and divine grace on him with tender feelings. This is made clear even in the first page of the novel. To show this Pratibha very carefully builds up the entire topography, geography and gradually growing civilization in the Abhayapur- Ersama region. She creates a peopled world of villages valleys, rivers, seas tracing the history of the fisherman community to the Dasa king, who was created from the dirt from the ears of Vishnu at the time of Pralaya.


Magnamati is a fiction novel written in the Odia language by renowned author Pratibha Ray. The story revolves around the life of a powerful queen named Magnamati who ruled over a small kingdom. The book portrays the courage and intelligence of a woman in the patriarchal society of that time.


The story takes place in the ancient era, where women had limited rights and freedoms. Magnamati, the protagonist, is a woman who dares to stand up against the male-dominated society and fights against the injustices prevailing in her era. The book depicts how Magnamati becomes a symbol of inspiration for the oppressed women of the kingdom.


The book also highlights the unbreakable bond of friendship between Magnamati and her dear friend, Dhruvasundari. The two women stand by each other in difficult times and support each other through thick and thin.


Magnamati is a captivating read that showcases the strength and determination of women. The book is a perfect blend of drama, emotions, and wisdom, making it an essential addition to your bookshelf. Odia novel Magnamati is published by Adya Prakashani and the latest edition realeased as 3rd edition in 2004. Buy now the odia novel Magnamati online from OdishaShop.


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Book Title Magnamati(ମଗ୍ନମାଟି)
No of Pages 609
Binding Type Hard Cover
Author Pratibha Ray
Editor NA
Publisher Adya Prakashani
Language Odia
ISBN 978-81-908545-0-3
Publication 2014
Edition 3rd Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x1
Printing Print Tech Offset Pvt. Ltd, Bbsr
Layout Design Brothers Communication, Bbsr
Assembly required NA
Warning Nothing

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