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Order Now Chaturdha Murti Jagannath Idol Inside Sankha – Multicolor


Experience the divine presence of Lord Jagannath with our Chaturdha Murti Jagannath Idol Inside Sankha. This meticulously crafted idol encapsulates the essence of devotion, spirituality, and cultural heritage.


At the heart of this exquisite piece is the Chaturdha Murti Jagannath idol—a representation of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra, and Sudarshan Chakra—enclosed within a beautiful multicolored sankha (conch shell). Every intricate detail of the idol, from the divine expressions to the elaborate adornments, is masterfully sculpted by skilled artisans.


The combination of the sacred sankha and the divine Jagannath idol creates a powerful synergy, symbolizing purity, protection, and spiritual awakening. The vibrant colors used in the design add an aura of joy and festivity, reflecting the celebratory spirit associated with Lord Jagannath’s worship.


Crafted with utmost reverence, the Chaturdha Murti Jagannath Idol Inside Sankha serves as a focal point for your prayer room, temple, or spiritual space. Its presence invokes a sense of serenity and devotion, inviting you to connect deeply with the divinity that resides within and around you.


Whether you are a devotee of Lord Jagannath or seeking a sacred artifact representing the rich cultural heritage of Odisha, this intricately designed idol inside a multicolored sankha captivates hearts and evokes a profound spiritual experience. Embrace the divine blessings and immerse yourself in the loving grace of Lord Jagannath with this magnificent creation.


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Product Name Chaturdha Murti Jagannath Idol Inside Sankha
Type Marble Work
Colour Multi
Weight NA
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Manufacturer Craftsmen from Puri, Odisha
Country of Origin NA
Other Info NA
Assembly required NA
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