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Palm Leaf Painting is an ancient art form of Odisha. Though it is found in other parts of India, in Odisha, it has a special and deep symbolism.


The main theme of this type of painting is its connection with mythology. Most common God and Goddesses are used in palm leaf painting are Lord Jagannath, Lord Ganesha, Krishna and Radha, Durga and Saraswati. Today also Palm leaf is considered to be sacred  which is used to print Wedding invitations and New Year cards.


Palm Leaf Pattachitra Painting of Jagannath Nagarjuna Besha for Home Decor


The word ‘Vesa’ (in Sanskrit as also in Odia) means, dress. It is a common feature with all the temples that deities are dressed and decorated daily. On special occasions the deities are also dressed and decorated in suitable manner. The same is also . the case with the deities in the Puri temple. There are particular persons belonging to the temple services who know the traditional ways of dress and decoration. Flowers, tender leaves, silken fabrics, golden ornaments etc. constitute the materials with which the deities are dressed. Sandal wood paste, musk, camphor etc. are also adequately used. Out of the several dresses, mention may here be made of only a few.

This Bhesa takes place in such years which have six days of Panchuka in the month of Kartika. On that occasion Jagannatha is dressed like Nagarjuna (a military general). This Bhesa is also known as the Parasurama Bhesa.



Title Palm Leaf
Colour Natural Dyes and others
Frame Wood
Package Contents

1 Piece of Wall Decor/Hangings

Weight 150gm
Material Wood
Design Type Traditional Palm Leaf
Product Dimension 7.5 * 5.5 Inch
What is in the box Pack of one Palm Leaf


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Palm Leaf Pattachitra Painting of Jagannath Wall Crafted in Raghurajpur
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