The ancient capital of the Bhanja rulers, Khiching lies about 205 km away from Balasore and 150 km from Baripada. Scores of temples dominate the place, some of which are still in active worship. The wealth and antiquities unearthed here clearly indicate that it was the place where people professing Buddhism, Jainism and Brahmansim were living side by side and were maintaining institutions of their respective religion.

The largest number of ruined temples and sculptural remains found in Khiching, exist now within the perimeter of Thakuranis compound. The predominant deity of Khiching is Kichakeswari, the most sacred Goddess of the Mayurbhanj chiefs.

The temple dedicated to Her is built entirely of chlorite slabs and unique of its kind in India. The sculptures are beautiful. The small museum here boasts of highly important historical specimens of sculpture and art.

Communication: – By road, 205 km from Balasore, 150 km from Baripada.