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Although this is the aftermath to the Nila Saila novel, there is nothing to do with the “Nila Shaila” of “Niladri Vijay” except the sequence of events and the equality of the characters. It can also be read as a individual special novel. I never imagined writing the repercussion of “Nila Saila” and I didn’t even have the urge to write anything more about this subject after the death of “Sardei” in “Nila Saila Novel”. “Sardei” is my daughter from imagination. All of my emotional resources were lost in its creation and implementation.


But about ten years ago I accidentally met the late historian and well-known Paramananda Acharya on the street. He called me to meet and he began- “Will Jagannath be thrown into the Chilika womb or what? He is returning to the temple again! You have to write that part!” But how can I explain to him that after the death of “Sardei”, I am completely empty, my creativity issilent! The late Acharya also addressed me in an article on “Nila Saila” published in Jhankar before his death.


After Mr. Acharya’s death, this affection enforced me to write something I neved imagined. Many readers also met me in person and requested me to document the return of Shri Jagannath. “Niladri Vijay” is written on this background Adding the fragments of “Nila Saila” all together, how sleepless nights were to cut me off. I just know how much stress I have to deal with It is a matter of great concern to me that it has been accomplished in the midst of my busy, embarrassed life due to the immense mercy of Jagannath. The background of the “Nila Saila” is vast – that’s why it had, the epic. But the background of “Niladri Vijay” is not so extensive It is bounded. That’s why it’s more structured in terms of structure Just as the novel “Nila Saila” was based on “Madalapanji” and other historical facts, “Niladri Vijay” is also based on details of “Madala Panji”.


I was not intimately acquainted with native language of Puri at the time of writing “Nila Saila”. The slang used by the temple’s panda devotees have the essence of soul. In fact, I was warned by a mysterious reader from Puri that there were some imperfections in Puri slangs used in “Nila Saila”. I have tried some extent to improve everything in the 4th edition of “Nila Saila”.But I did not have the time to research the language used by the Sevayats.I had encouraged the writers of the “Anam” group published from Puri As a result, Mr. Siddheshwar Mohapatra wrote a number of articles on “Anam” in Puri slangs.It has been of some help while writing Neeladri Vijay as the Puri slans used in the mouths of the sebayats. I highly appriciate for the efforts that Mr Mohapatra shared.


In addition to the language used by the devotees, there are a number of words used in the worship of the shrine, the origins of which are difficult to determine by any linguist. I also thank some of the temple servants for helping me in this work. But more research is needed on the language used in the shrine. If the universities of Odisha were interested in this, they could shed new light on the history and traditions of the Jagannath theory. The publication of “Niladri Vijay” was not possible or not by me, Lakshmi Saraswati may coexist in Vishnu’s family, but not in the world of writers like me.  But the stubbornness of my family – they will publish “Niladri Bijay” as a sacrifice of the heart. It is being published by Shivani-Prakashani in their joint venture The artist, Mr. Bibhuti Kanungo, has been very grateful to me for drawing the cover of the book and the cover art in Odissi.My work will be worthwhile if “Niladri Vijay” like “Nilasaila” is absorbed in the reading society of Odisha.


The role of the third edition-
In the meantime, the second edition of “Niladri Vijay” has been out of date for a long time, but for some reason the next version has not yet been released. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the authorities for publishing the book “Cuttack Students Store” for almost all of my books. Many commentators have come to my attention comparing the “Niladri Vijay” to the “Nila Saila”. But in anticipation of that happening, I have already pointed out the fundamental differences between the two novels in the role of its first edition. In fact the “Nila Saila” is a stream of pure emotion. There someone will find, the relaxed expanse of the horizon-wide epic. But there is no such intensity of emotion in “Niladri Vijay” – nor is there time for it And just as the solidarity or unity of time, events and characters is preserved in the “Niladri Victory”, so it is not in the “Nila Saila”.These two novels are unique in style, delivery and temperament. Because of its holiness and solidarity, some even give the novel a greater place than the “Nila Saila”; But I do not agree with them.These two novels need to be distinguished from each other.


Since “Saptarshi Printers” has taken special care of its printing, I thank its owner, the well-known literary figure Baikunthnath Acharya.


Book Details

Binding Type Paperback
Book Title Niladri Bijaya/Niladri Vijay(ନୀଳାଦ୍ରି  ବିଜୟ)
Author Surendra Mohanty
Editor NA
Publisher Cuttack Students’ Store
Language Odia
Publication 2010-2018
Edition 5th Edition-9th Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x1
Printing Sangeeta Printers, Cuttack
Layout Design NA
Assembly required NA
No of Pages 192
Warning Nothing


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    January 11, 2021
    This is one of my best book by Manoj Das. Thanks odishashop for good packaging.
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