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Why and for what purpose did I write this book based on the life philosophy of Nathuram Binayak Godse? This question comes to my mind when I ask myself the days of my childhood and early adolescence.All the days that make me feel a lot of pain. It takes me back to the paradise of dreams. When he puts the crown on my head and when he holds the beggar in hand.


Of all those unforgettable memories, I think it would be reasonable to embody one of them in the context of composing this book. For a long time I had a demon in my mind. That ghost is none other than the ghost of Nathuram.For a long time in my mind I was kind of convinced that since Nathuram was a murderer, his real face must have been very scary.The face of the Chambal Valley robber, or the face of Villian Gabar Singh, who has seen the movie Shole, must be even more terrifying.Nathuram must have been a violent man in view of being a murderer. If this has not happened,then why is the adjective “Attayi” attached to his name in history?


He is not an ordinary killer.People all over India,The man who calls himself the father of the nation, according to many poets and writers, is an incarnation of God, Similarly, the killer of an incarnate man is Nathuram.How could a sinful man who had been sentenced to death as a murderer of a godly man have a terrible face, or how could he have imagined in my early youth?

Book Details

Book Title Mun Nathuram Kahuchhi(ମୁଁ ନାଥୁରାମ କହୁଛି)
No of Pages 167
Binding Type Hard Cover
Author Seshadev Mallick
Editor NA
Publisher Bidya Prakashan
Language Odia
ISBN 81-7703-013-2
Publication 2000-2018
Edition 1st Edition-20th Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x1
Printing Kalia Printers, Cuttack
Layout Design Right Print, Cuttack
Assembly required NA
Warning Nothing

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