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Order Now Odia Novel Chai Leutilanibela(Chhai Leutani Bela) By Bibhuti Pattnaik From Odisha Shop


Chhai Leutani Bela’ is a collection of six short stories by Bibhuti Pattnaik, a renowned Odia writer. Each story is set in the rural backdrop of Odisha and explores human relationships, emotions and experiences.


In ‘Jibana Khampar Upakatha’, Pattnaik portrays the grim reality of poverty and the struggle for survival in a drought-stricken village. ‘Chhai Leutani Bela’, the title story, is a poignant tale of a young girl’s desire to study and the hurdles she faces in a patriarchal society.


‘Kete Dina Ra Chhayeanu’ is a heart-warming story of friendship and sacrifice, while ‘Ghosar Mora’ touches upon the themes of death and mourning. In ‘Prithibir Rang’, Pattnaik presents a realistic portrayal of the hardships faced by migrant labourers and their families. Finally, ‘Jibana Bandhan’ is a tale of forbidden love and the consequences that follow.


Through his masterful storytelling, Pattnaik paints vivid pictures of rural life and raises important social issues. ‘Chhai Leutani Bela’ is a must-read for those who enjoy poignant tales of human experiences.


Book Details

Book Title Chhai Leutani Bela(ଛାଇ ଲେଉଟାଣି ବେଳ)
No of Pages 184
Binding Type Hard Cover
Author Bibhuti Pattnaik
Editor NA
Publisher Friends’ Publishers
Language Odia
ISBN 81-7401-605-8
Publication 2006-2018
Edition 1st Edition-2nd Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x1
Printing Royal Halftone Co., Cuttack
Layout Design Maa Graphics, Cuttack
Assembly required NA
Warning Nothing

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Odia Novel Chai Leutilanibela By Bibhuti Pattnaik From Odisha Shop
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