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Dr. Ajit Kumar Tripathi’s book covers Hindu mythology, history, and Vedas A lot of ancient history has been preserved. Only the Ramayana written by Balliki No, the Sriramcharit Manas composed by saint poet Tutsi Das, by Balaram Das Written by Odiya Dandi Ramayana, Adhyamva Ramayana, Sri Sarangdhar of Odisha This is a reference to works written by Raiguru, Shriram Shatakam etc   It can be seen in the book. Some references to Mahabharata, Gita and Upanishads Also this. Enclosed in the book. Especially those composed by Sri Tutsi Das Reference the data in Sriramcharit Manas as the source material for your writing Accepted. This book of Ajith is written by Maryada Puruchottam Shiramchandra In detail the divine character and great and eternal activity It is a successful attempt to explain. Dr. This long book written by Ajit Kumar Tripathi is originally Tretya The divine character of Sri Ramachandra, the avatar of the age, the great age-defying activity and Refers to tenure. Ramayana by Valmiki is probably the text The first book and epic of the earth is of Shri Vishnu As the seventh incarnation, Ramachandra is the best and role model Human Roles The Ramayana is based on Sriramchandra’s various roles in his life It is his writings that present an ideal of maintaining harmony in a balanced manner Together with the broad compositions in different languages ​​on Avatar Sriramchandra The fair effort of compiling and creating a book is not a simple task This is not only possible through Buddhism, it is spiritual to complete it Motivation is also needed, which is observed here How much time is left for Ajit to complete the above written work It is acceptable and commendable to use hard work. The language of his writing is simple and understandable to every reader
There is neither complexity of language nor complexity of thought. It is like this when reading it It seems as if he himself associated himself with Sriramchandra’s life An eyewitness to every event, Ramayana is for all classes of society It is like a guiding light on human and social duties and responsibilities Sadeiva will be enlightened. I hope that my friend Dr. Ajit Kumar Tripathi is also like this Publish many books which are socio-literary-cultural A gem of great value will remain timeless.


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Book Title Ramayan Katha(Part -1)(ରାମାୟଣ କଥା(ଭାଗ -୧))
No of Pages 512
Binding Type Hardcover
Author Ajit Kumar Tripathy
Editor NA
Publisher Jagannath Ratha
Language Odia
ISBN 817406078-2
Publication NA
Edition 1st Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x4
Printing Jagannath Ratha
Layout Design Jagannath Ratha
Assembly required NA
Warning Nothing

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Odia Book Ramayan Katha (Part - 1)
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