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After the defeat and death of the last independent king Mukundadev in Odisha, Odisha’s independence was lost in 1568. Then the system of government in the state was completely disrupted.As the country moved in the midst of this chaos, the foreign British defeated the nominal resistance of the then rulers and took over Odisha in 1803 AD. The British then conquered the Byzantines and introduced a variety of anti-Semitism systems to govern their self-interest and continued to practice the principles of sham, donation, punishment, and discrimination in politics.As a result, rebellions against the British rule took place in various parts of the state, such as Khordha, Kendujhar, Banki, Kujang, Ghumsar, Khordha, Banpur, Paralakhemundi, Anugol and Sambalpur. The English were disturbed by this situation.The first revolt took place in Khordha under the command of the victorious Rajguru. The British suppressed the rebellion and executed General Rajguru. The last revolt took place under the command of Surendrasai in Sambalpur. The history of this rebellion was associated with the famous Sepoy Rebellion of 1857. The British suppressed all these rebellions by using their military might, force against the weak, and various tactics. Yet these revolts broke the triumph of the victor.They were forced to exercise restraint on the victorious attitude, arbitrariness and exploitative attitude in the regime. It had a far-reaching effect on the state administration system.The book was compiled by researcher Pandit Suryanarayana Dash. Its publication was delayed due to some special issues.


Pandit Suryanarayana Dash was born on July 1, 1908 in the village of Dasarathpur under Paralakhemundi, with the arms of his father Balukeshwar Das and his mother Kshiti Devi. He was the nephew and disciple of eminent researcher Pandit Gopinath Nanda Sharma.After graduating from the village chatshali, he later studied at Gajapati College in Paralakhemundi and graduated from Gajapati College in Vijayanagar under Mandraj in 1926 with a B.A. Passed. He was always a poor gifted student.He was well-known in the student body as the editor of the Oriya Student Society and the author of many reform-themed articles. He later earned an M.A. Passed.The young Suryanarayana traveled to the breakaway regions to join the national integration movement. From 1930 to the end of 1933 in Cuttack, he was the editor of the Committee on Hunger and Floods in Talcher, Anugul, Jajpur, Kendrapara and Cuttack.His essays on history, literature, culture, etc. include Navbharat, Sahakar, Dogar, Jhankar, Navjivan, Andhra Historical Research Journal, Kalinga Historical Research Journal, Odisha Historical Research Journal, Amritbazar Tartar, Odisha Amritsandari, Odisha Democracy, motherland, autonomy, democracy, Kalinga, etc. have been published in magazines.He set up the Utkal Journalists Association in Puri in collaboration with Satyavadi Tripathi to protect the national interests of Odisha. It was later recognized by the “Bharat Professional Journalists’ Association”.

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Book Title Odishare Ingrej Shasana Birudhare Bidroha(ଓଡିଶାରେ ଇଂରେଜଶାସନ ବିରୁଦ୍ଧରେ ବିଦ୍ରୋହ)
No of Pages 305
Binding Type Paperback
Author Pandit Suryanarayan Dash
Editor NA
Publisher Grantha Mandir
Language Odia
Publication 2020
Edition 3rd Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x1
Printing Optima Offset Prints Cuttack
Layout Design Optima Offset Prints Cuttack
Assembly required NA
Warning Nothing

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