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Overall, as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has made a lot of decisions that can be said to be public good, but on the other hand, there are some decisions that the general public has to face. But despite this, Narendra Modi’s magic is working on the common people. This was once again proved in the Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana. There is no Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief minister in the states these days. But it was Narendra Modi’s influence that the BJP has now succeeded in making the state its chief minister. This magic of Narendra Modi makes him think of himself as a management guru. What are the characteristics of Narendra Modi’s work ethic that set him apart from other leaders and lead him on the path to success? The book is about Narendra Modi’s management strategy and his attempt to understand his success from this point of view. Many books on Narendra Modi are available in the market.


The question here is why another new book? Most of the books that have been published on Narendra Modi so far are about his life journey. Some books have also praised his work as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. But it is also a book that, in addition to his tenure as chief minister, has been described as an extension of his tenure as prime minister. Attempts have been made to understand all of this from the point of view of his managerial skills. Another purpose of the book is to bring to the forefront the issues that can be learned from Narendra Modi. The journey from a very ordinary family, with no political background, to becoming the Prime Minister of the country can be inspiring for anyone. Modi’s visit is also unusual. He is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr Jiang’s intervention. It was Narendra Modi, who, thirty years later, showed the intention of winning a party by a majority.

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Book Title Management Guru Narendra Modi(ମ୍ୟାନେଜମେଣ୍ଟ୍ ଗୁରୁ ନରେନ୍ଦ୍ର ମୋଦି)
No of Pages 160
Binding Type Paperback
Author Himanshu Shekhar
Editor NA
Publisher Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Ltd.
Language Odia
ISBN 978-93-5165-561-9
Publication 2018
Edition 1st Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x1
Printing Adarsh Printers, Delhi
Layout Design NA
Assembly required NA
Warning Nothing

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