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Order Now Odia Book Mahapatra Nilamoni Sahu By Dr. Archana Nayak From OdishaShop

The biographical book ‘Sourdeepta Patharayatri Mohapatra Neelmani Sahu’ is a remarkable connection in the history of Oriya biography. The book, written by Dr. Archana Nayak, appropriately presents the personality, abstract practice and outlook on life of Mohapatra Neelmani Sahu, a contemporary veteran seeker.Professor Dr. Nayak, who has been associated with Mohapatra Neelmani Sahu for a long time, has covered many such topics in the book, which are rare elsewhere.This genius man, who has become a source of inspiration for her creation-wealth, magazine editing, and the next generation, is truly a rock-solid traveler. Her passion, passion and exploration have enriched Oriya folklore.Dr. Archana Nayak has enriched the Oriya Bani Mandir by composing a biography of Mr. Sahu.


Utkal Sahitya Samaj has conferred the title of ‘Barenya Member’ on Oriya literature for four outstanding seekers Mohapatra Neelmani Sahu, Chandrashekhar Rath, Pathani Patnaik and Veenapani Mohanty. Although this tradition was within the rules of the Utkal Sahitya Samaj, it was not practiced while it was being run.The awarding ceremony of this distinguished member has been expedited as per the decision of the current Executive Committee of the Utkal Sahitya Samaj. It was also decided to publish the biographies of Barenya Sahitya Sadhak Mohapatra Neelmani Sahu, Chandrashekhar Rath, Pathani Patnaik and Veenapani Mohanty on the occasion.In this regard, we are grateful to Dr. Archana Nayak for helping to realize the great goals of the Utkal Sahitya Samaj by compiling the biography of Mohapatra Neelmani Sahu. The idea of a book being published about his practice and accomplishments has now come true. “It simply came to our notice then. This is an innovative endeavor in the history of Oriya literature.

Book Details

Book Title Mahapatra Nilamoni Sahu/Mahapatra Nilamani Sahoo(ମହାପାତ୍ର ନୀଳମଣି ସାହୁ)
No of Pages 296
Binding Type Hard Cover
Author Dr. Archana Nayak
Editor NA
Publisher Cuttack Students’ Store
Language Odia
Publication 2016
Edition 1st Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x1
Printing Sangeeta Printers, Cuttack
Layout Design NA
Assembly required NA
Warning Nothing

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