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The simple words of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, the great epoch-maker of this age, always alert me to the mind- “No matter what the spirit can be said to him in the mouth, no one can know his origin and heart.” The same is said in the Upanishads – “Yato Bacho Nibarttante Aprapya Manasa Saha, Anandam Bramhotam Bidwan na Bibheti Kadachaneti.”

Indeed, when the work, biography, and philosophy of the human body is not clearly understood, if at all understood, it still seems to be trying to count the innumerable stars that appear in the Eternal Nav. When this is impossible, who or what will explain about God or Brahma?

Such is the slightest attempt on my part to study Buddhist literature for forty years, and to draw a concise pearl of it. No matter how much you sound, the sound and vision of the Buddha is a great festival. Yet I thought I would no longer write three books (novels) about Lord Buddha, such as Nirvana, Tathagata Path, Amrapalli. But the mind did not understand and I felt in myself again and again to write something again based on some theories and events that had been left behind. Apart from that, the enthusiastic questions of many readers also inspired and inspired me to write another novel ‘Bhikshu Sariputta’. The novel is based on the ideology and philosophy of the Buddha and is based on the imagination of different situations, times and personalities. Sariputta was the chief disciple of Lord Buddha. The main disciple is described in Pali as a forerunner. Hence the name of the novel – ‘Buddhankara Agasebak Bhikshu Sariputta.’

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Book Title Buddhankara Agasebaka Bhikhyu Sariputta(ବୁଦ୍ଧଙ୍କର ଆଗସେବକ ଭିକ୍ଷୁ ସାରିପୁତ୍ତ)
No of Pages 266
Binding Type Paperback
Author Manoj Kumar Mohapatra
Editor NA
Publisher A.K Mishra Publishers Private Limited
Language Odia
ISBN 978-81-936211-5-8
Publication 2018
Edition 1st Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x1
Printing NA
Layout Design NA
Assembly required NA
Warning Nothing

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Buddhankara Agasebak Bhikhyu Sariputta By Manoj Kumar Mohapatra From OdishaShop
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