Sisireshwara Temple

This shrine is situated straight away to the north of the famous Vhaital deul and is considered to be one of its contemporaries. The jagamohana is conspicuous by its rectangular shape. The beautiful figures in this temple show sensitivity and refined workmanship, amply evident in the Nataraj image within the medallion and the well-proportioned figures of the parsvadevatas like the four-armed Ganesha, the two-armed Kartikeya or the eight-armed Mahisasuramardini. Other decorations in the temple consist of elaborate scrollwork and intricate floral motifs.

On the outer body of the temple, which is filled with sculptures, particularly noticeable is the image of Kamadeva, the god of Love, in the company of two females. Some of the artwork seems to have been inspired by Buddhist ideas, testifying to the gradual secularisation of the art-idiom. The figure of the deer on the pedestal of an image is obviously reminiscent of the first sermon of the Buddha. Besides, the figure of Lakulisa is seated in a Buddha-like cross-legged posture in the central niche on the southern side.