Prahalad Natak

Pahalad Natak is a form of traditional theatre with a one-play repertoire from the southern district of Odisha, it is commonest in Ganjam. It is performed in the open on a five or six- tiered stage, at the summit of which Hiranyakashipu’s throne is placed

The text of Prahalad Natak, which contains 120 songs, was written by Gopinath Parichha who belonged to the court of Raja Ramakrishna Chhotray of Jalantar ( now in Andhra Pradesh) and ruled from 1857 to 1905. The language of the play is a mixture of Sanskrit and colloquial Oriya.

There about twenty characters in the play, nearly all of whom are required to dance, mime and use stylized gestures. The characters wear distinctively elaborate costumes and make-up. The role of Prahalad is usually played by a young boy.