Konark Beach

Konark Beach in Odisha is rated one of the most excellent beach in the world. The famous Sun Temple is just 3km away, the beach is also known as Chandrabhaga. The long stretch of sparkling sands and a divine tranquility make it one of the prefect beaches to enjoy. It is one of the best places to watch the sunrise and take a bath, also one of the best places for a weekend and holiday.

The Beach is 3km away from the famous Sun Temple, 33km from Sri Jagannath Puri on the marvelous Marine Drive and 65km from the Temple city Bhubaneswar.

Touring Seasons:
Throughout the Year.

Beach Accessibility
Airlines: The nearest airport, Bhubaneswar, is 65 km away. The airport is connected with major cities of India.

Rail Lines: The nearest Railway stations to Konark are Puri (33 km) and Bhubaneswar (65 km).

Bus Lines: Konark is well connected by Marine Drive to Puri (33km), National Highway and State Highway to Bhubaneswar (65km) and all the major cities in Odisha.

Lodging/Accommodation at Konark Beach
There is no big name hotels are here, but there are many accommodations available near the Konark beach. The accommodations here ranges from luxury to budget category. Some of them are Labanya Lodge, OTDC Panthnivas, Yatri Niwas etc.

Fascinating Places near Konark Beach
Sun Temple
The magnificent and incredible Sun Temple at Konark is the culmination of Odishan temple architecture, and one of the most awesome monuments of religious architecture in the world. Konark also known as Arka-Tritha is known for its Temple of lord Surya, the Sun god. It is situated on the seashore, 33km north of Puri and 65 km from Bhubaneswar. It was Constructed of black stone in the beginning of the 13th century, and it is considered one of the vivid architectural showpieces of Hindu India.

Despite the fact that the Black Pagoda is in ruins, the remaining porch area and the structures of this temple complex remain as a crown jewel of Odisha artwork.

Mayadevi Temple
There is a small shrine dedicated to Mayadevi, the wife of Surya, in the southwest corner of the enclosure.

Nabgrah Temple
There is a Temple containing the nine planets- Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. It is located to the right of main entrance.

Archaeological Museum
There is a Archaeological Museum Just outside the Sun Temple that contains many sculptures and carvings found during the temple excavations.

Ramachandi Temple
On the bank of the river Kushabhadra, the famous Ramchandi Temple is situated which is just 10km away from the Sun Temple.

Saiva shirne on the desolate sand dunes, surrounded by causrina trees and peaceful atmosphere make it one of the desire destination to travelers. It is just 12km away from Konark.

Oceanic Activities
You can try your hand in fishing. Other than fishing you can just stroll around by the beach side or relax under the sun.

Events near the Beach
The Konark Festival
Every year from December 1-5, the Konark festival is organized by the department of Tourism. Classical dance performances with the Sun Temple at the backdrop create an illusion that the images, carved in the Temple become alive to perform on the open-air stage.