It is ninety KM from state capital Bhubaneswar, nesting on three hills, are the ruins of what must have once been an imposing Buddhist monastry complex called Puspagiri. In fact, it is yet another triangle which constitutes Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri and Udaigiri. Amidist the sylvan surroundings of Mahanadi basin, the triangle is supposed to have once constituted the most important seat of Buddhist learnings next only to Taxila and Nalanda.

Inaccesible and therefore, not much traveled, the area has tremendous archaeological significance. A tip to Puspagiri may involve wading through muddy terrain and a couple of boat trips across rivers like Kelua and Genguti, tributaries of the river Mahanadi. The Chinses traveler, Hiuen Tsang visited this area in 639 AD and refered to it as Pusi-po-kili in his travelogue which embraced all the above three Vihars of Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri and Udaigiri.