Dance of Orissa

Odisha unfolds a panorama of refined forms of arts, crafts, music and dance. Its music and dance has been flourishing for ages and has lured many. The unique dance forms like Odissi and Chhau are world famous with several internationally exponents, while Odissi music is charming, colourful and encompass various streams. A number of folk tradions also lend a capitive presence.

Odisha has a glorious tradition of music. The figures or dancers musicians Carved on ancient temple walls speak of Odisha’s rich musical heritage. There were saint-poets of Odisha who composed lyrical poems to be sung. Bards usually went from place to place singing these songs which were meant to propagate religious ideas in various religious. instructions were usually given by the poet himself as to how the lyric was to be sung, i.e. the raga or tune to be employed and the tala or beat scheme to be followed.

By the 11th Century AD folk music or Odisha existing in the form of Triswari, Chatuhswari, and Panchaswari was modified into the classical style. Ancient cultures of Odisha have the most expressive forms of music & dance. These two highly evolved art forms have manifested themselves in some of the most evocative & celebrated performances from not only the professional classical exponents but also from the various folk & tribal groups in Odisha.