Art & HandiCrafts of Odisha

Through the century Odisha has retained its cultural identity within the mainstream of pan-Indian culture. A land of rich and diverse artistic acivements, Odisha’s art and culture are the products of a long historical process in which the sprittual, philoshopical and the human dimensions have merged to yiled the finest effects of a cultured and civlised life.

The cultural heritage of Odisha is reflected in its vibrant art forms. Odisha has distinict tradition of painting, architecture, sculpture, handicrafts, music and dance. Odisha boasts of a long and rich cultural heritage. Due to the reigns of many different rulers in the past, the culture, arts and crafts of the state underwent many changes, imitations, assimilations and new creations, from time to time. The artistic skill of the Odishan artists is unsurpassable in the world.