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Odia Story Book Chetanara Digbalaya by Manoj Das is the latest collection of odia stories published in 2019.


Published by the Navajyoti office, which includes the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, ‘Navaprakash’ is a widely circulated monthly magazine. Mainly thousands of teachers and students are its readers. Since March 1911, the author has published a short article in each issue of the magazine under the title ‘Chetanara Digbalaya’. Teachers, parents and, above all, educators- the focus of these essays is on the social, cultural, and psychological events of that era, which are significant worldwide.


In the first two decades of the 21st century, many revolutionary discoveries have been made in the intellectual world. But the details of these often do not come to the notice of the inquisitive society. Look at a couple of examples: Does our health have anything to do with telling the truth or lying? Has our intelligence evolved in the evolutionary trend? The research theories held by Notre Dame and Stanford University authorities on these two questions are absolutely necessary for our education world, respectively. These writers and enlightened readers were delighted to include all this, among other things, in the ‘Chetanara Digbalaya’.


Many of the compositions of this reference contain the influence of Sri Aurobindo’s vision or Srima’s analysis and the inspiration of that divine-selling distorted hope. Hopefully, even uneducated readers about Sri Aurobindo’s life-philosophy will not feel any irrationality in all these performances. The idea of ​​compiling all these references in the book did not come to my mind Through the magazine, the service of the teacher and student community was an urgent duty.


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Book Title CHetanara Dignalaya(ଚେତନାର ଦିଗବଳୟ)
No of Pages 348
Type Hardcover
Author Manoj Das
Publisher Friends Publishers
Language Odia
Product Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 29 x 25 x 2
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