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Even in this age of Oriya literature, a complete and serial history of Oriya literature has not yet been published in Oriya. Some of the smallest efforts that have made history so far are extremely primitive, and that may not be the history of literature.That the history of any literature is, in fact, the heart of that linguistic nation; History of the human mind In the minds of a linguistic nation, not only the scribe, but also the roommate of the history of literature, which is the subject of all sorts of disturbances and delusions, all of which are flowing in a strange and colorful way.Because it is in literature that those trends and approaches are reflected. The history of literature therefore cannot be dated and only the names of the authors and their achievements.It is fitting that the history of any literature, the names of the writers, should be the main approach, not the main one. It is safe to say that in Oriya literature, such an endeavor has not yet begun.The desire to write such a sequential history of Oriya literature is very much appreciated by me. That is why I have divided the history of Oriya literature into three main sections.


This section is mainly divided into centuries However, it is important to note a common cultural approach. Saral’s time is the lifeblood of Birgatha. The radiant glory, courage, semen, sacrifice and intercourse of life are one and unique representatives of this age.Some of the earliest efforts of Oriya literature before Sarala, which were composed using easy, Nathapantha and secular Shaivagatha, are also included in this section. Its later period; The intercourse of life is not influenced by lust.The liquid darkness that created depression, doubt, and suspicion, as the lights of the festive night of this age faded, evoked spiritual curiosity and emotion in the human soul.


So this period in the history of literature is mainly influenced by spiritual sentiments. Life is not just sexual intercourse, not hostility, not heroism, or state expansion. On top of all this triviality is the eternal life that exists, the search for it in the midst of a lot of practice and spiritual struggle, the main subsistence of medieval Oriya literature.The folklore and customs of Sanskrit poetry in the middle of this age strongly influenced the literature of this age. And the torrential downpour of spirituality in the name of literature also served as a source of inspiration for the creation of indigenous poetry.The poetic description of the Vaishnava religion reiterated this expression. Of the rebellions against Sanskrit literature, the birth of Oriya literature in the early Middle Ages was completely influenced by Sanskrit towards the end of the Middle Ages.


Its next festival, i.e. the modern era, extends from Radhanath to the modern era. The emergence of the Oriya language, social awareness in literature, the stirring of political ideology, the influence of Western influences, the constant exploration of gestures and styles, the development and growth of prose, the creation of story novels and plays, and the separation of literature from society.


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Binding Type Hard Cover
Book Title Odia Sahityara Adiparba/Odia Sahityara Aadiparba(ଓଡିଆ ସାହିତ୍ୟର ଆଦିପର୍ବ)
Author Surendra Mohaty
Editor NA
Publisher Cuttack Students Store
Language Odia
Publication 2018
Edition 9th Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x2
Printing Sangeeta Printers, Currack
Layout Design  Minakshi D.T.P.
Assembly required NA
No of Pages 196
Warning Nothing

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