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Similar to nature, unique beauty flowers. Each flower is a wonder. A vibration of a flower, a sign of direction towards an unknown joy Shri Arvind Ashram, the presiding deity of the Shri Arvind Ashram, could feel the hidden qualities of all through his divine vision.She reveals the intrinsic meaning of hundreds of flowers; Some fruits as well. When devotees approached her on her birthday or on any other occasion, she would give them one or more flowers as a symbol of blessings.If the recipient could accept it with the right attitude, all those flower-enclosed enclosures would perfect her consciousness. The author of the book is a devotee who has lived for more than half a century at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. He was writing spontaneously with devotion to Shreema; Not legally.  The articles were published in the monthly magazine ‘Vijaya’.The author did not focus specifically on the flowers, but focused on the qualities of the flowers identified by her. Compositions are simple expressions of a revered consciousness that do not emphasize the harshness or style of language.


Indus philosophy at the point is our great cultural tradition and in that Indian tradition, the plant is the book of ‘flower consciousness’ Shreema ’and Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo shed light on the divine consciousness that lies between the flowers. Each page of the book describes the divinity between Indian philosophy, mythology and flowers. At the time of its characterization, the question arose as to which section of the book it would be – but at the last moment a shiver came to the body and said- it is a monotheistic collection of stories of nature, environment, philosophy,  science and above all the great Indian mythology. Many of the words described in it are written by Shree Maa and Sri Aurobindo. Which is undoubtedly categorized as ‘Shabdabrahm’. The lifelong pursuit of a great sage can be felt on every page of the book. In addition, the pronunciation of many divine words will be in our ears.Undoubtedly, such a book is a divine gift to that Oriya literature of that Divine Spirit Srima ‘and Sri Aurobindo. Hopefully this will make every reader in our state feel this divine.Any flower caught in any negative feeling of life could awaken the divine consciousness related to that flower when any flower came into the eyes – our feelings must be positive.


Book Details

Book Title Puspa Chetana(ପୁଷ୍ପ ଚେତନା)
No of Pages 318
Binding Type Hard Cover
Author Pratigyan Devi
Editor NA
Publisher Grantha Mandir
Language Odia
Publication 2020
Edition 1st Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x1
Printing Optima Offset Prints, Cuttack
Layout Design Graph N Graphics, Cuttack
Assembly required NA
Warning Nothing

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Odia Book Puspa Chetana From OdishaShop
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