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The period of British rule in India (1757 to 18947) is called the modern era. This is the beginning of the Palasi War in 1757. Despite the glorious history and prosperity of the past, India has been under foreign rule for almost two hundred years.Indians who received Western education were aware of the tyranny of subjugation, political pain, and economic exploitation. Realizing the importance of national solidarity and the spirit of national unity, the national struggles of Western countries, such as the United States, France, Germany, and Italy, were absent. Inspired by this historic event, in 1885 an educated and conscious group formed an institution called the Indian National Congress.Their aim was to fight peacefully to achieve political demands This struggle is called the freedom struggle of India. Many national leaders, including Mahatma Gandhi, were involved in the freedom struggle and took an active part. Finally, on August 15,1947 the freedom struggle ended, and the British fled the country, handing over political power to the Indians.India was liberated from the long chain of dependence. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and Bhimrao Ambedkar led the democratic rule of independent India.

The birth and progress of independent India from the 1947 year is recognized as an important event in the history. Encouraged by the glorious history of this newly developed nation, the culmination of national life is felt.In this direction, the biographies and contributions of some of the immortal children who have enriched the history of sacrificial life and have given us a fair place in the world court are discussed in this booklet. It is our hope and belief that the new generation of citizens will be influenced and inspired by the spirit of nationalism.

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Book Title Mahatma Gandhi(ମହାତ୍ମା ଗାନ୍ଧି)
No of Pages 64
Binding Type Paperback
Author Dr. Prabodha Kumar Mishra
Editor NA
Publisher Vidyapuri
Language Odia
ISBN 978-81-7411-778-6
Publication 2019
Edition 4th Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x1
Printing Biswanath Enterprises, Bhubaneswar
Layout Design Vidyashree DTP Center, Cuttack
Assembly required NA
Warning Nothing

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