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Order Now Odia Book Bruhat Jyotisha Sara Sangraha (Part-2) By Shymsundar Nayak From Odishashop


Bruhat Jyotisha Sara Sangraha – 2 is a comprehensive book on astrology written by Shyamsundar Nayak. The book is a sequel to the first volume and contains detailed information on various aspects of astrology. The book is written in Odia and has 212 pages.


The book covers a wide range of topics such as astronomy, horoscope making, planetary positions, and their effects on human life. It also contains information on various yogas and their effects on different aspects of life such as health, wealth, and relationships.


The book is designed to help readers understand the fundamental principles of astrology and how it can be used to improve one’s life. It is a must-read for both beginners and experts in astrology.


The author, Shyamsundar Nayak is a renowned astrologer and has written many books on astrology. He has a unique style of writing that makes it easy for readers to understand complex concepts.


In conclusion, Bruhat Jyotisha Sara Sangraha – 2 is an excellent book on astrology that provides valuable insights into this ancient science. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about astrology and its practical applications.


Book Details

Book Title Bruhat Jyotisha Sara Sangraha – 2 (ବୃହତ ଜ୍ୟୋତିଷ ସାରସଂଗ୍ରହ-୨)
No of Pages 212
Binding Type Paperback
Author Shyamsundar Nayak
Editor NA
Publisher Dharma Grantha Store
Language Odia
Publication NA
Edition NA
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 20x12x3
Printing NA
Layout Design NA
Assembly required NA
Warning Nothing

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Odia Book Bruhat Jyoutisha Sarasangraha-2 From Odishashop
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