Didayees are the important tribal race. These people have rich heritage. They said to be the progency of Bondas. Thurston holds the view that the Didayis are part of the Paraja tribe. Dr. Elwin quoting a Bonda myth says “The eldest brother was a Bhoi Gadava, the next an Asur Gadava and the remaining ten Kondo, Bondo, Didayi etc.”.

The relationship of the Didayis of the Bonda, Paraja and the Gadava is very intimate and matrimonial relationships between the Didayi and others, though clandestine in nature, are not found wanting. In spite of all these they maintain their distinctive identity and cannot be regarded as a part of any tribe.

They have been enlisted as a scheduled tribe. Didayees are setteled in Malkangiri on the both sides of the river Machhakunda in the centre of Kandakamberu Hills. Didayees live in five panchayat of Kudumulugumma Panchayat Samiti. Didayees have their own langauge. They live in houses made of wood and bambo. They color the walls of the houses. Thier houses are very neat anc clean, hunting, fishing and cultivation are the main occupation of Didayees. They are very religious in faith. The cultural life, hospitality and method of treatment of deases are most praise worthy. For the development of Didayees there is a Didayee Development Organisation formed by the Government is working here.