Bhumias of Malkangiri District are also generally found in un-divided Koraput, Phulbani, Gangam and Sundergarh districts of Odisha. After Koyas,this tribes occupies the second position in population. The head of the village is called “Mukhia”. One “Bhattanaik” is for 20 number of villages.
Mostly Bhumias took part in the freedom struggle of this district and their contribution to the freedom struggle was a unforgetable event. There is marriage system and the groom elopes the bride. Balijatra is their main festival Laxman Naik was the proud freedom fighter of Bhumia.

The Bhumias of Nowarnagpur district have an intriguing custom, since they wish to avoid paying the bride price and also arranged marriage are not welcome. Instead, a boy and a girl in love are encouraged to elope and the marriage is solemnized later.