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The making of the history of literature is an economical and highly meaningful research work. On the other hand, historical research in literary history is no less difficult. Literature has a contemporary reflection of the soul and consciousness of the respective race.So the history of literature is inextricably linked with the history of the spiritual and conscious development of a nation.The vibrancy of the nation’s history, culture, social customs, traditions, glories, aspirations, movements, crises, resources, visions and customs is preserved only within the walls of literature.In the process of formulating ‘history in the history of literature’ as well as ‘history of literature’, the study of appropriate attitudes becomes an essential part.


In the early days of composing the history of Oriya literature, the researchers focused more on collecting information on the identities and works of poets, timing and timing, and in-depth assessment of the discourses of works. Gradually the process became more formal and comprehensive.The initial attempt to compile the history of Oriya literature for more than a century and a half must have been quite different from the present.At that time, all dedicated researchers were at the forefront of this work and while the revelation of the techniques or formulas that followed in the formation of literary history by them was quite laborious, for the reader as a whole it will certainly be intriguing and groundbreaking.


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Book Title Odia Sahityara Itihasa Adya Prayasa(ଓଡିଆ ସାହିତ୍ୟର ଆଦ୍ୟ ପ୍ରୟାସ)
No of Pages 354
Binding Type Hard Cover
Author Dr. Prasanna Kumar Mohanty
Editor NA
Publisher Cuttack Students’ Store
Language Odia
ISBN 978-81-7712-002-6
Publication 2018
Edition 2nd Edition
Book Dimention Packaging approx in cm – 15x22x1
Printing Sangeeta Printers, Cuttack
Layout Design NA
Assembly required NA
Warning Nothing

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Odia Book Odia Sahityara Itihasa Adya Prayasa From OdishaShop
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