Srilokanath Temple

One of the famous Siva temple in Odisha located one kilometer away from the western end of the Sri Jagganath Temple Puri.The temple was built in 10th 11th century A.D. It was believed that lord Ram installed the Lingam with a pumpkin. Maha Siva Ratri one the biggest festival of Odisha observed here with a great devotion, lakhs of devotees from all over Odisha came here to give Arti to Lord Siva. This temple is famous for cured any type of disease.

The Linga through out year remains under water any type of flowers, milk, sandal paste, Bilva-patra offered to the god remain decomposed under the water and taken out on the Maha Siva Ratri Day. A meeting of Siva and Vishnu takes place on the day. The adjoining pond is known as Parvati Sagar. The surroundings is very beautiful. Lokanath highly adored by the local people and regarded as one of the important Siva pithas of Srikshetra. Girnaribanta – Beyond Lokanath Temple Girnaribanta – an Ashrama has a picturesque ambience and little ahead the Sankareswar Siva temple and a garden of Chaitanya is also worth seeing.