Sixty Four Yoginis Temple of Hirapur

An Ancient Tantric Centre:

Hirapur is situated about 10 kms from the temple City Bhubaneswar. River Bhargabi is near the temple site. IN the year 1953 famous historian Late Kedarnath Mahapatra discovered the hypaethral temple of Sixty Four Yogins and assigned the time period of the shrine to the 9th Century AD.
This temple is important for its architectural variation from the main Odishan architectural genre. The temple is open to the sky (hypaethral). Only four such temples have been found in India and Odisha, has the distinction of having two such temples.

The Sixty Four Yoginis temple at Hirapur is a circular enclosure with a narrow doorway to the eastern side. There is no roof over the enclosure. The round wall is made out of locally available Khondalite or Sand Stone and the foundation is with Laterite stones. Inside the temple there are 60 niches and in every niche there is a figure of a Yogini. The other four Yoginis who were perhaps housed in the Pillared Mandap in the centre of the Shrine cannot be seen now.