Parasurameshwar Temple

This Shiva temple was built probably during the rule of the Sailodbhavas, once the feudatories of the Ganga king Sasanka during the early part of seventh century, who by the year 619 AD had declared their independence under the protection of Madhavaraja II.

This lavishly decorated 12.8 m. high temple has ornate lattice windows. The friezes depict in vigorous detail the floral patterns, figures of amorous couples, elephants, procession of horses. The panelled jalis are relieved with vidalas, a very popular motif found in Odishan art.

Most of the decorations are to be seen in stone frames, which in a way are reminisent of the Chaitya arches in the Buddhist monasteries. Eight planets appear on the architrave over the entrance door to the sanctum. In later temples one finds the navagrahas.

In this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the images of Lord Vishnu and some other Vedic gods like Yama, Surya, Indra as well as the images of the group of seven mother goddesses appear. On the southern wall there is a fine figure of Kartikeya mounted on the peacock. The carvings are elegant and the style is typically Odishan.