This temple is located next to the Gundicha Temple. There are two Deities of Lord Narasimha, one behind the other, The Deity in front is caked Santa Narasimha (sober). Anyone who sees this Deity will be cooled down; all his anger, frustration and anxiety will vanish.

The Deity in the back is called Raga Narasimha. He is the internal mood of Narasimha. When the Muslim Kalapahad attacked Puri and was breaking the Deities, he saw Santa Narasimha the Deities, he saw Santa Narasimhadeva and his anger subsided; hence could not break the Deity as he had planned. Santa Narasimha’s features are human-like. He has a Sharp nose, large, curly mustache, and an outstretched tongue,
Lord Caitanya took darsana here during His Gundicha pastimes. Lord Caitanya rested near this temple after cleaning the Gundicha Temple.