Bhattarika, at the foot of the Ratnagiri Mountains, is a temple dedicated to the Mother Goddess. An interesting myth adds a colorful hue to the background of the Temple. In a war between Sahsarasjuna and Parasuram (an avatar of Lord Nayrayan), it was Saharasjuna who emerged victories in the first round. Parasuram not to be out done appealed to the Mother Goddess by mediating on a stone where he imaged the Goddess. The Devi pleased with his painstaking appeal imparted her Shakti to him Parasuram rejuvenated with the divine power of the Goddess beaten Sahasrajuna and from then on the place where the Goddess appeared came to be known as Bhattarika.

The Temple is said to have been built between the 6th century B.C. to the 16th century B.C. The major festivals celebrated at Bhattarika are Pana Sankranti in the month of Chaitra (April) Akshaya Trutiya in the month of Baisakh (May) and Dussehra in the month of October.

Surrounded by wonderful mountains collectively known as the Ratnagiri Mountains, Bhattarika blends harmoniously with nature. The Mahanadi, which flows in front of the temple, glistens like a shining slithery silver of lighting. Birds cooing and the surreal sunset make this place a magical space touched with the Divine.

Bhattarika lies in the Athgarh sub-division Cuttak district between Cuttack and Narsingpur. On the main road from the Gopalpur chowks. After 6 kms from here southwards, you will reach Sasanga Gram near the Ratnagiri Mountains.

Indeed, when one arrives at Bhattarika one forests the material world our soul surges forward in communion with nature and the Divine.