Minor Beaches

30 km from Berhampur and 6 km from Chhatrapur, the beach at Aryapalli is quiet and fascinating where the waves speak everything. Its stimulating and invigorating climate adds freshness to the soul. A nature-loving tourist can enjoy the Sun, Surf and Sand amongst the green casuarina plantations, far from the crowded cities.

This little beach 91 km from Puri presents a panoramic view, especially during sunset on a multi-coloured horizon as though seeking to justify its name as “Colorful Sunset. This place is very popular for its sea fish trading through out the year.

The confluence of the river Budhabalanga with the sea at Balaramgadi, located 2 km from Chandipur, presents visitors a scenic view with fishing and boating of the fisherman in the deep water.

The casuarina fringed Balighai beach, located 8 km from Puri, is a famous picnic spot. The juxtaposition of gentle casuarina-lined river with crashing, desolate ocean coast is a strange and extremely beautiful one. One may also catch a glimpse of the shy Baliharina a kind of deer who inhabit the area. The Sea Turtle Research Center is another attraction of this beach
Though Baliharachandi, located 27 km from Puri, is known for the shrine of Goddess Harachandi, the lonely beach with its meandering sand dunes and swaying causrina trees can be quite enchanting.