Thakurani Yatra is considered the most typical and famous amongst all the folk festival celebrated in the District. Basically, this is the out come of most flourished sakti cult of Odisha in this particular region. Sakti, as we under stand, means “Power” , which is expressed through different phenomena. Goddess sakti in her many aspects represents various phenomena, as fro instance, Sareswati represents Learning and wisdom Laxmi represents wealth and prosperity, durga the benevolent aspect, Kali the Malevolent aspect and so on . sakti cult is so popular in Ganjam District that every village even individual household worships here either as presiding deity or as the protectress. That is why, the Thakuranis of Ganjam district are so popularly worshiped through out the district with devotion and faith. They are four sisters named as Thakurani of Berhampur,Khambeswari of Aska, Buirani of Kabnisuryanagar, and Ram Chandi of Purushottampur.

In the District Headquarters of Chatrapur, yatra of Devi “Ramayanama” is observed, like wise at so many places of Ganjam District the thakurani yatras are observed. The yatra takes place bye-yearly at Berhampur and Chatrapur on turn wise, once in 12 years at Kabisuryanagar and also like other areas of the District.

Usually the Thajurani yatra is observed in the mongh of May. The priest Desha Behera invites Goddess Thakurani as his daughter, who comes in the form of flower which palced in a pot and being palced on the head of a woman and then procession moves from street to street in the evening of every day, which is accompanied by musical instrumebnts of trumpet, Kahali, ghanta, Sankha and different kinds of folk dances, this processgo on for five, seven, fifteen and 21 days, as per the willingness and ability of the people.