Dhauli Mahotsva

Odisha Dance Academy, one of the premier cultural institution of Odisha was founded by Guru Gangadhar Pradhan in the year 1975. Since its inception it has been engaged in projecting Odishan art and culture through out the country and abroad.

In the year 2003 it has started Dhauli Mahotsav from 27th March at the foothill of Dhauli. The purpose behind this Mahotsav is to create an awareness of our cultural heritage among the people of Odisha. The Mahotsav showcases a wide range of rural art and culture from classical to folk items such as Odissi dance, Odissi vocal, Mardal recital, Chhau dance, Daskathia, Pala, Yajna, Sankirtan, etc. Near about 500 artisties from different disciplines perform on the different days of the Mahotsav. We also aim to embrace many artists into its cultural fold and aims at international cultural amity and harmony.

In true sense Odisha Dance Academy can be called the harbinger of true cultural spirit in the land of Odisha. Since 1986 it has been organising festivals every year at different places of the country. It has to overcome many hurdles and financial crisis to organise such festivals of high standard with our private endeavour and limited resources.

However with the goodwill-unstinted cooperation from art lovers, well wishers and our artists brothers we are able to organise such vast events. The Odisha Tourism has been providing us assistance and support to organise this vast events since last two years.

Though the festival was held in March and November in the year 2003 and 2004. We are planning to organize the same from 25th to 27th March every year for the smooth organisation of the Mahotsav. This year artists from different region of the state and the country will participate and perform Odissi dance, Gotipua dance, Chhau dance, Shankirtan, Pala, Odissi Vocal and other folk and tribal dance & music of Odisha.

Publicity of the festival is made through different media viz. printing invitation card, displaying banners and hoardings, film slide and also through email contacts and websites. This festival promotes tourism by attracting large number of tourists every year presenting the Odisha art and culture before them.