Samprada Dance is also known as Bahaka Dance. This type of dance prevalent in Western Odisha is a standardised performance of singing, playing on the musical instrument which looks like Mridanga but bigger in size and Jhanja locally known as (Kartal), and dancing.

The peculiarity of this performace is that the performer displays his capability in gayana, badana and nartan. One cannot be an expert performer in the Bahaka dance unless he acquires adequate knowledge in these three aspects. The tuning of the songs, the stepping movement of feet and rhythmic playing of the musical instruments make the performance very interesting and charming, Bhajan, Janana, Chhanda, Chaupadi and Sanskrit slokas are recited while dancing.

The main performer is assisted by another player who is known as palia Bahaka. This type of dance is generally arranged on social and festive occasions.