Kedu dance of the Kondhas performed on the occasion of Kedu festival is a continuance of Meriah festival. The meriah (human) sacrifice of the Kondhas, a notable event in history and the most popular tradition of the tribe perhaps surpassing others, has been substituted by Kedu sacrifice retaining the other aspects of rituals as they were.

This dance is ritualistic in character connected with the ceremony in honour of Dahrani penu who is believed to be the bestower of good fortune, good crops, protector of the people and their livestock.

The people have the belief that sprinkling of blood and blood stained face of Kedu (buffalo) in the turmeric field reddens the colour of turmeric like blood. In this performance women dancers standing in a semi circle and holding each other in their hands on each other shoulder while the male members sing songs and play on the drums and flutes. The musical instruments used are Dhol, Changu, Nishan and Mahuri and the songs in Kui language are mainly devotional.